It's a great tragedy when someone loses their life unexpectedly. The effect on everyone is devastating and none more so than when they die due to a predator in the ocean. This week in Australia there have been something like 4 people dead from such a horrendous experience. Two shark attacks in Western Australia cost a young man his life and a woman diver could not be saved when she was taken by a giant white shark.

A woman was dragged away by a crocodile in Queensland as she and a friend walked along the beach in knee-deep water while a man went missing in the Northern Territory where crocodiles are extremely dangerous.

In an amazing picture a surf board rider was photographed riding a huge wave while behind him a large white shark leapt into the air. It is so big a warning to surfers that they are not alone in the water and these killers are hungry.

The factory ships that are depleting the oceans of schools of fish and draining them of life that would normally feed these animals are part of the problem. There is also the extra warm water from a prolonged summer that has sent some species further south than normal and this is also causing a situation of extra sharks. The next thing of note is that people don't normally frequent the surf in winter but they are now drawn to it with the extra warm days that make it more like early autumn.

The environment is changing as global warming and other things take effect. We are in the end times when it is noted in prophecy that we there will be many traps from which there is no escape (Jeremiah 11:11,12). I believe global warming is one of them and that what we are experiencing now will seal our fate.

With memory of reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe it has shown me many things including scenes of what is to come as we are in that time zone. The massive population explosion is evidence that all are back as promised (Isaiah 26:19) and that now judgment is occurring and those who are worshiping false gods are being removed. Even the oceans, loved by most, are now a much bigger death trap.