Austin Keen doesn’t quite operate like a normal surfer. Sure he rides waves. But he runs at them, there’s no paddling in. And he still rips pretty hard. He was born in Georgia and raised on Tybee Island. In 2007, he said ‘F*** it’ drove a beat-up 1975 BMW to the skim capital of the world, Laguna Beach, Calif. (with a nod to Newport), and hasn’t looked back. The world champion is a darling of mainstream media–with shows like Comedy Central, Ellen and Tosh.O having run his clips–and he’s had some viral doozies, for sure. Here are a few of his best:
Of course there’s his virial, “Hijacking a Boat Wake”:
Then there was this horse stunt where he ate s#$% pretty hard:

How Malibu should always be ridden:

And the old “Triple Board Transfer,” sure to be a favorite amongst beach goers this year:

Keen spoofing himself:

And of course his latest foray into weird waves, boat surfing: