There is a lot of stupid and impractical stuff on Kickstarter. In fact, there are so many stupid and impractical ideas people attempt to start businesses with that browsing their ridiculous fundraising campaign pages is half the reason crowd funding sites exist. This is not one of those stupid inventions. It’s not going to blow your mind and it’s certainly not the sexiest Kickstarter find of 2016, but by golly it makes a bunch of sense.
Here’s the logic: everybody has to transport their surfboards from home to the beach and back. Everybody. Trucks and SUV’s will carry pretty much anything. There’s always the good old fashioned surfboard in the reclined passenger seat scenario for those who drive smaller cars. You can fold down the back seats and throw that shortboard in through the trunk. Other than that your options are get a roof rack or get a roof rack. So there it is, somebody just created something people can actually use and put it on Kickstarter. No loud, flapping straps to listen to once you’re driving.
Just slap a freaking magnet on top of your car and go. Proof that for every 10 special edition flame retardant blue tooth enabled George Foreman grill knock offs, Kickstarter pumps out a practical creation people might actually use.