Paia is a rad place. Not just for the watersports, either. The little town on Maui’s north shore is a foodie’s dream with all the awesome little eateries. And if you stand in one place long enough in the tiny–yet well connected–village, you never know who’s going to pass through.
This kid was ripping it up in this coffee house, playing a version of Matisyahu’s “One Day,” when this dude that looked like he was living under a coconut tree starts killin’ it with him on the vocals.
“(He) started singing Matisyahu’s “One day” and didn’t know that the artist was right in front of him,” said Stu Brooks, a director and producer who works with Matisyahu. He also plays bass for the musician. “Watch the reveal at the end. He still didn’t believe it was him and it took a second for it all to sink in. Loved this moment.”