ery now and then, you see a wipeout that really sticks in your mind.Niccolo Porcella at Teahupoo, for instance. Mark Healey at Puerto. That time Greg Long knowingly packed an airplane sized tube at Jaws. And this one.
Danny Griffiths, just another Tasmanian maniac, made a last-minute decision to take a different line on an absolute beast at Shipstern Bluff. Things don’t go according to plan, and Danny gets caught up in a lip that is basically the entire ocean. Dave Otto happened to be on hand to catch the whole thing on camera, and so far, it might be the worst wipeout of 2016. We’ll find out at the TAG Heuer Wipeout of the Year category of the 2017 WSL Big Wave Awards. Oh, and yes, he got back on the horse and made one just a little while later.