Competition is a funny thing. Wait. Before you’re forced to read this when all you want to see is what the title promised, skip ahead to the 7:07 mark to see it. But back to competition. For those that like it, the act of winning is only so good because losing hurts so bad. So the more competitive one is, the more fun they’re having when they’re winning… which means, by some stretch, that old saying falsely attributed to Phil Edwards, “the best surfer in the world world is the one having the most fun” could potentially be the surfer who loves winning the most. Sure, that’s not what the saying was going for, but you get the idea.
What can be said for sure, though, is that Filipe Toledo is definitely not the one having the most fun at Tahiti. At the end of his second round matchup with Jadson Andre, he threw a little tantrum for the world to see. But without whatever it is that’s fueling that tantrum, Filipe wouldn’t enjoy the other end of the spectrum quite so much. And if nothing else, it’s damn good entertainment.