Surf couples are a rare breed. They live with the sun, follow the swell and they like to embark on long exotic journeys searches for uncrowded waves. It all sounds perfect but in reality it’s like riding out the tide’s highs and lows. So I thought it would be good to share some insight into the surf couple’s  lifestyle and philosophy.
1.Things Can Get Pretty Competitive
Let’s be honest, when the surf is pumping everyone wants to catch as many waves as possible. If you’re lucky and catch the wave of the day, your man will be stoked for you, but chances are he’ll also be jealous. That can easily lead to him hassling harder at the peak.
Similarly, when you’ve been surfing with your boyfriend for an hour and he has 20 waves under his belt before you’ve had two, you know you won’t have the patience to hear all about his awesome session afterward.
But in spite of that competitive nature…
2. They Work as a Team to Catch More Waves
Note: This strategy only works if both of you can surf reasonably well. Don’t expect a positive result if either of you kooks it while hassling for waves…
There’s an easy way for both of you to increase your wave count in busy, testosterone-charged line-ups. If you don’t know this tip yet I suggest you try it.
All your boyfriend has to do is scream “This one is yours, GO Girl!! GO, GO!!!” You’ll notice that more often than not, everyone else stops paddling to lets you go. Why…? It’s simple, you’re a cool chick who’s giving it a go and your man is supporting you.
They’ll also start respecting your boyfriend more too because he’s looking after you in the surf – Most guys have all been there before and will dig that you’re surfing together, especially when the conditions are challenging. As a result, they’ll probably get super friendly with your man and let him catch more waves too.
3. You Always Have a Default Surf Photographer/Videographer 
We all like to see photos of ourselves surfing, let alone having a collection of great drone footage.
So when one of you gets sick or has to stay out of the water for whatever reason, he/she usually volunteers to be on camera duty.  Partly because he/she knows that the other will return the favor one day.
4. Being Surfed Out Can Often Mean Skipping Sex
So you’ve just had the best day of your life. The surf was pumping, you caught a ton of waves, got barreled and shared it all with your partner.  A quickie just before bedtime is tempting, but it’s already 8:30pm, you’re in bed and ready to turn the lights off… Your bodies have released so many endorphins that you can’t even get yourselves in the mood to begin with…. Night, Night!
5. The First Thing They Check in the Morning is…
Definitely not opening Instagram or SnapChat. The first thing surf couples do when they wake up is check the surf. So depending on their preferences, they will check any number of surf forecast apps. If there are waves, they’ll get up and head out for an early morning surf. If not they’ll do breakfast in bed.
6. They Do Get Engaged or Even Married in the Ocean
Remember when Jordy Smith took his supermodel girlfriend Lyndall Jarvis tandem surfing and proposed on a wave? She is not a surfer so she actually freaked out and flipped the board, but most of us girls would have screamed “YES!” from the nose of the board where we’d already been hanging 10.
Surf weddings? We’ve even heard about couples getting married in the surf in Maui and it sounds pretty rad. What about a surf couple’s honeymoon? Forget about expensive resorts, a surf shack will do as long as there’s a sick wave out front, inviting you both to surf your brains out all day.
7. Surf Related Gifts Are Completely Acceptable
Surf couples understand how important equipment is, not only on their performance but also on their overall motivation to hit the surf.  Whether it’s the latest wetsuit for him or he builds up the courage to go out on a limb and pick out the best surf bikini for her, they will spoil each other to make sure they both have the best gear to go rip together.
Note: Surfboards are tricky gifts to make and receive – it’s always hard to find the perfect dimensions for your partner and he/she always feels bad selling the board that you got for them.