It doesn't feel like a summer movie season without a movie to scare us away from ever going near the water, and this summer The Shallows  looks to be that movie.

So why not watch it while floating in water?

Those brave enough to do just that are in luck -- one movie theater is actually staging a screening of The Shallows on water, but you'll need to have the guts  in order to take on the challenge.

Of course we're talking about the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, known for their inventive road show screenings. The Alamo folks routinely screen Jaws on the water almost every year, and with a new killer-shark movie invading theaters, it makes sense to break out the inner tubes and bathing suits (and popcorn) for what they're billing as a "dive-in" movie experience.

But If your not brave (like me lol) or you don't have money  YOU CAN WATCH or DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE HERE