Way back in 2011, I spoke with the co-creator of Wavegarden, Josema Odriozola. When Wavegarden first released their footage, it had a similar impact as when Kelly released his. It was, after all, the first time humans had created a real surfable wave.
Then Kelly Slater unleashed his wave on the world, and nearly all was forgotten. But NLand, the surf park in Texas has a wave that, if you came upon at your local spot, would have you sprinting down the path.
Kai and Hans Odriozola are the sons of Josema and his wife, Karina. The boys surf their father’s wave constantly, and it shows. Having access to a wave like this every single day would be like having a skatepark on hand. According to, Wavegarden is capable of producing somewhere around 120 expert (whatever that means) waves every hour with 180 beginner waves forming around the edges of the lagoon, as well. Each of those expert waves offers about 20 seconds of surfing, assuming one doesn’t fall off. Honokea did the math I’m too lazy to do: if you surfed each one of those waves for an hour, you’d be actually surfing for 20 minutes. Sure, that doesn’t sound like a lot, but think about your average session. If you’re really lucky, you get a ten-second wave. You probably get between five and ten waves an hour. That’s just over a minute of a half of actual surfing, and even those numbers are inflated–getting ten tens second waves in an hour would be an over-the-top good session. Hans and Kai have that beat but a long shot. Weh
Hans and Kai have that beat but a long shot. When Honokea and Brian Keaulana went and saw the boys surfing, Keaulana summed it up nicely: “These kids can surf this every day? They’re going to be the next John Johns.”