Kelly Slater is 44 years young  and ageing like a fine red wine - getting better with age and still pushing the limits in all aspects of surfing; Competitively, inventively and progressively.
2015 was a big year for Kelly. Falling out of the top 5 of the WSL rankings although bringing it home in true Kelly style, with the awe-inspiring invention of his eco friendly wave pool and backing it up with a 1st place finish at the Volcom Pipe contest recently.
From the Momentum generation until now, the airs are higher, the turns are bigger but the age is older. It's ridiculous to think at the ripe old age of 44 Kelly Slater is surfing better than he was at the youthful age of 18. It seems that a huge equipment shift (from 6'5 to 5'something), a bit of healthy living, the competitive push of the late great A.I and 26 years of experience is a result of a super human.
We compare young, fresh faced, lush hair Kelly with older, mature, bald kelly here, look at that board!: 
Young Kelly:  (Momentum, full movie here)
Old Kelly: (Innersection, full movie here)