A striking proposal for a surf park at the edge of the Swan River could elevate Perth’s connection to the water and generate a new wave of surfing talent.
Perth-based company Wave Park Group has exclusive Australian rights to the acclaimed Wavegarden technology used at the Surf Snowdonia wave pool in Wales. A second Wavegarden facility is opening soon in Texas.
Wave Park Group and Urbnsurf founder Andrew Ross wants to bring the concept to his home city of Perth after securing sites in Sydney and Melbourne.
The City of Melville is yet to consider or endorse the concept, which would involve relocating the Melville Bowling Club.
A $20 million to $25 million Urbnsurf lagoon at Tompkins Park in Alfred Cove would generate waves that last up to 17 seconds or 150m.
The 2.4ha pool would accommodate about 84 people an hour, including 48 novices and 36 advanced surfers on varying wave strengths.
Mr Ross, a former lawyer and investment banker who loves surfing, said Perth’s coastal breaks did not match the passion of its surfers.
“The type of wave we can produce is bigger and longer than anything on the Perth coast about 80 per cent of the year,” he said.
Will Schofield and Josh Kennedy.

Mr Ross said the surf park would be a game changer for people who wanted to learn to surf or teach their children.
The controlled conditions and ability to surf day or night would be safer and more convenient. The park could also host surfing competitions of different standards and act as a “driving range” for skilled surfers looking to hone their craft.
“With any type of skill-based sport, like a ball sport, it’s how many balls you hit,” Mr Ross said.
West Coast stars Josh Kennedy and Will Schofield said they would be regulars at the park, if it went ahead, along with other teammates.
They admitted that they had a lot to learn from talented Eagles surfers Mark LeCras and Jamie Cripps but they would give Jack Redden plenty of space.
“You have to get out of his way because he’s riding a yacht out there,” Schofield said.