Oh those Gudangs, don’t their smiles just warm your heart? Legend has it that they’ve never been sad. Not once. They’re the poster children for positivity, and if you’ve been watching Tanner slice his way into the semifinals at Lowers and listening to his post heat interviews, then you’ve seen him beaming. He’s a glowing ball of happiness and competitive spirit, he’s mojito fresh, he’s the California spirit!
A few months back, Dane, Tanner, and Pat held a surfboard drive for Jamaica, which has a talented batch of young surfers and interest highly piqued in salt water pastimes, yet are without access to the necessary materials. As Kingston’s surf scene’s leader, Billy “Mystic” Wilmot puts, “You can’t get surfboards in Jamaica. There’s no surf shops, no shapers, no import company that brings in surfing equipment and goods, so there’s no access to anything surf related.”
So, the Gudangs gathered 200 boards and shipped them out to the land of positive vibrations, Kingston Harbour. This is the trailer for their film that premieres tonight, Sept 13th at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente. If you’re around or feeling glum, stop by.
By the way, how's that barefoot bowl jam from the local boys at 2:41?