Nicaragua’s main claim to fame rests in a high probability of delivering offshore winds all day long.  Still, many surfers avoid Nicaragua come September. Expats head home during this time to visit family, while the common thought is that it rains too much and those offshore winds somehow stop making appearances. There is some truth to this. I’ve seen travelers keep their boards in board bags for a week or more. But if you go beyond just the swell forecasts and drill deeper into the local weather patterns, you can score uncrowded surf groomed by those breezes we all crave. All it takes is a major storm in the Caribbean to cut off the wind flow across the country and you’re skunked. Just look for the clear windows of weather on the eastern coast with a bombing swell aimed at the Pacific side from the south and all will come together nicely in September and October.
For two days last week the lucky ones did just that.