Are you a surfer with so much freaking money you don’t even know how to spend it? Problem solved: You can now charter a private helicopter from Bali to G-land on Asia’s first heli-surfing tour.
For this $10,000 day-trip, surf charter company Tropicsurf will pick you and three friends up in Jimbaran and deliver you directly to the reeling lefthand tubes of Grajagan, on East Java. The tour is only available to guests of Four Seasons Resorts Bali, so get booking!
Nevermind that $10,000 could buy you several blissful, work-free years of surfing and touring Indonesia on the cheap. But that’s a problem for broke surfers!
As the crow flies, G-land is only about 30 miles across the Bali Strait from Denpasar, the Balinese capital city. However, its remote location in the jungles of Alas Purwo National Park make it tough to get to. Most surfers either brave seasickness on a a half-day ride on a dodgy ferry boat or fly to Java and travel overland for many hours.
But surfers with money to burn can now hop aboard this helicopter tour, which includes an on-site speed boat, personal surf guide, coaching, water safety and insurance.
According to Four Seasons’ press release, Air Bali, the aviation company handling the flights, has a 100 percent safety record, which is a lot more than you can say for the dicey ferry boats operating in the region.