Now this guy has his emotions under control. Or he’s experiencing the symptoms of shock. Todd Orr was mauled by a grizzly in the Madison Valley, southwest of Bozeman, Montana on October 1. He took this gruesome video, post attack, where he seems perfectly calm and collected. But he looks as though he got his ass seriously kicked. He was attacked not once, but twice during the encounter. The first in the woods, three miles from his truck and the second time on the trail as he was moving back towards his car.
“I took an early morning hike in the Madison valley to scout for elk,” he said on his Facebook page. “Knowing that bears are common throughout southwest Montana, I hollered out “hey bear” about every 30 seconds so as to not surprise any bears along the trail. About three miles in, I stepped out into an open meadow and hollered again. A few more steps and I spotted a sow Grizzly bear with cubs on the trail at the upper end of the meadow. The sow saw me right away and they ran a short distance up the trail. But suddenly she turned and charged straight my way.”
The region in which Orr was attacked is a a fairly wild area in Montana between Idaho and Wyoming, a place where grizzlies still roam free and pose a dangerous threat. Orr is an experienced outdoorsman, and is a knife maker. He owned and operated the brand Skyblade Knives and it sounds ad if he’s still involved in the company on some level.
“X-rays revealed only a chip out of the ulna bone in my forearm,” he wrote. “Following was eight hours of stitching to put me back together. Most were arm and shoulder punctures and tears. A 5-inch gash along the side of my head will leave a nasty scar.”