Sabre Norris, 11, may have just given one of the greatest surfing interviews of all time.
As msw brought you yesterday, Sabre's got a wildcard into the WSL's Sydney International Pro, a QS6000 and brainchild of Sally Fitzgibbons, a crunch event for some of the world's best hoping to requalify for the CT.
But Sabre – who's stunned to be a wildcard at the event, gives an uplifting interview for Australia's The Today Show. ''Even if I get last, they're gonna do $250 prize money for last. And I would really love to spend it on doughnuts.''
Oh the innocence of youth! But there's more: ''My dad was an athlete but now he's pretty fat. He used to eat like two litres of ice cream every single night. Then he used to get angry at mum because she didn't use to buy it for him...then he had to suck his gut in for photos. But he's lost 20kg since Christmas after seeing me eat healthy after being inspired by Sally – now he's just eating cucumbers.''
Gold, and a self aware media whizz already, posting to her Instagram account that she enjoys teasing her dad live on national TV. Go watch, and the below too.
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