Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Lowe. You may remember him from such films asPuerto’s Finest Wipeout and Holy Shit, There’s a JetSki in My Way.  Lowe isn’t scared of wiping out. He’s not scared of pushing himself to the absolute limit–which is great for us as viewers, but not so good for him.
“Chasing big surf brings out the best and the worst in me,” he explained. “Every swell, I learn so much about myself, nature, and other people. It prioritizes the important things in life, washes away the clutter, and makes me appreciate the moments that matter. Never am I more clear than around heavy waves, truly living in the present.”
A few weeks ago, Nazaré turned on for the first truly big swell of the season. Tom, a surfer/maniac from Cornwall, showed up, put his head down, and as Tom does, attempted to surf a hideously big wave. It was unsuccessful… but only because in order to succeed, you need to fail.