It takes a certain kind of person to pursue big wave surfing as a career, and not just for the obvious reason that 99.99% of people on planet Earth would never want to put themselves in a situation where they’re riding a wave the size of a 10-story building. Big wave surfers are notoriously underpaid, their pursuit of death defying surf is a microcosm for taking a serious leap of faith. And yet, when everything comes together, the fruits are sweet.
The title of South African surfer Matt Bromley and filmer Guy Mac’s new film, Risky Business, isn’t just about the act of riding big waves. As the description on Vimeo says, “Matt and Guy both stretched themselves to make this film a reality; traveling in debt and in fear of not knowing what was around the next swell. All their equipment was stolen in Portugal and they suffered many other hardships along the way, but as Matt reports, ‘It was worth every moment of risk, and made the journey and exeprience that much more unforgettable.'”
The result of pursuing the unknown and venturing around the world for the love is a 25-minute love letter to big wave surfing, and a reminder of the merits of chasing your dreams with reckless abandon.