Ford Takes a Silly Approach to the Truck Bed War

The truck bed wars are in full swing. While Chevrolet may have fired the opening salvo with their insufferable “Real People, Not Actors” commercial (do they really think we’re that stupid?), Ford has fired back with round after round of retaliation.
In the Chevrolet commercial, a totally unbiased test is performed where loads of huge rocks are dumped into a pair of truck beds. Neither truck features a bed liner for some reason. You know, because people that haul Ford Fiesta-sized boulders from a quarry don’t need those. Maybe they’re targeting the same demographic that believes these commercials aren’t a load of something else.
As a result, the rocks are removed only to show the terrible damage inflicted by the rocks. This of course, shocks the real people and not actors. Chevy was so proud of this stunt that they have displayed the beds at their booth at various auto shows. However, they had to outline the dents with giant red squares, because by themselves, they’re not impressive enough.
Ford fired back with this ad, showing an F-150 hauling 51 loads of basalt from the quarry. With the aid of a spray-in bed liner, of course. Now, they’re showing off the features of their traditional bed liner, throwing everything from watermelons to teddy bears at it. Wait, what?
The video takes place in a carnival environment. It features a clown in a dunk tank, a bed liner, and a target. A random man throws a few poorly-located fastballs at it, and gets heckled by the clown before things get serious. Sure, Ford may have gone the silly route with this video, but we still love it.
A truck is a big investment, period. Smart consumers protect their investments with a bed liner.