Every now and then, we all do something kind of stupid in the name of fun. Some do it more than others, sure, but unless you live in constant fear of injury, death, or even worse, embarrassment, you’re bound to find yourself on the dumb side of the tracks at least once. Such is the case with a man named Erik Jones, who took an inner tube out at Morro Bay about a year ago.
After donning a lifejacket, pulling on a pair of fins, tethering himself to the tube, and strapping a GoPro to his chest (which, according to KSBY, was damaged by the waves), Jones paddled out, got smashed around for a while, and then quickly got stuck in the rip. “I Rode Huge Waves in Morro Bay on an Inner Tube!,” he wrote on Youtube, throwing exclamation marks and capital letters out like confetti at a wedding. “It was Amazing! The Rip Sucks you out into the Waves Fast! The Waves Push you in and you get Pushed back out by the Rip. It Circles around like a Lazy River on Steroids! I did Around Ten Laps this Time Out!”
Of course, after stick-in-the-mud on shore decided that watching someone stuck in a rip for the foreseeable future probably wasn’t going to end all that well, they called officials. “He’s doing what?” officials probably said. “On an innertube? Seriously?”
According to the Youtube description, this wasn’t Jones’s first go-around with inner tubing in the ocean, but it was the first time he’s needed assistance. “I go Tubing in the Ocean Frequently,” he wrote, “and this is the First Time I’ve had Help Getting to Shore.”
Among those that helped were CAL FIRE, the U.S. Coast Guard, Harbor Patrol, Morro Bay Fire, San Luis Obispo Ambulance, and the California Highway Patrol.