It is safe to say the surfing world has been cracked right open. We thrive on the fringes of our watery globe, however this seismic shift in wonder and awe has led a few pioneers to weird and wonderful places, with more yet to be discovered. We hear of surf nuts driving through the Aleutians on four-wheeled motorbikes, capturing photographs of surprising perfection and utter remoteness. There are murmurs of Irish brethren facing up to triple overhead surf and then ducking back to the pub for a warm pint after the brain freeze and rush of near death has brought exhaustion. And those that have travelled through the pacific islands and stumbled across pre-colonial perfection, only accessible by boat.
One particular location has developed a more modern approach to visitors accessing remote surfing experiences: Iceland. Being one of the more developed countries in the world, Icelandic surf culture is experiencing a rapid period of growth and media coverage. The lads from Arctic Surfers have pioneered the tourism aspect of surf exploration throughout the country, and if their website is anything to go by, an amazing array of experiences is at the fingertips of those willing to brave the temperatures.
These conditions have enormous positive influences on the surf tours. Due to the remoteness of the expeditions it’s rare to find anybody else in the lineup. Perhaps a few weather battered locals will spring up when the surf is pumping, but you will mainly be left to your own devices and the expertise of those you travel with. Arctic Surfers also have another interesting angle to the services they provide. If the swells aren’t rolling through then feel free to take to the mountains. We generally picture surf tour/surf camp experiences that will lead you through tropical waters or perhaps to exclusive resorts, where you are guaranteed a touch of sunburn and a few reef cuts. This isn’t the story with Arctic Surfers. They have tailored a number of different options, from road trips through deserted landscapes to packing up a 4WD and camping in the pristine outdoors.
Arctic Surfers are on the forefront of surfing technology too. With their incorporated “Test Lab,” the crew tests the appropriate technologies geared toward making Arctic surfing possible today. If you are up for something completely different, way off the beaten track, and feel like swapping an open aired beach hut for a cosy fireplace and sauna, then this is a getaway worth considering.
It is incredible to think of how many different locations have been uncovered in this day and age. It’s tough to keep any stretch of coast untouched, undiscovered and unridden. Who would ever think to plan a surf trip to Iceland or even the Aleutians once upon a time? With the surfing world opening up like a giant clam at a Pacific Island marketplace, we are the lucky ones to have access to it all. I am not actually that into eating giant clams, nor turtles, but would most definitely be excited to jump on a plane to Reykjavik and sample some Arctic delights.