When Gabriel Medina won the 2014 championship, a few things happened. The surf world erupted, the Brazilian Storm proved it wasn’t something to be trifled with, and Brazil, according to nearly everyone, claimed Brazil’s first surfing world title. There were a few that quietly disagreed with that last fact, especially the Brazilian surfer who won a world title back in 2007.
Despite that little error, though, Medina’s world title status propelled him to super-stardom and inspired millions of would-be surfers. Now, Medina has opened a school for them. Called the Instituto Gabriel Medina, it will (hopefully) turn aspiring pro surfers into champions. It will also promote academics health, all of which are undoubtedly good things.
The new facility is 336 sq meters and features a pool, gym, and trampoline.
The new facility is 336 square meters and features a pool, gym, and trampoline. Photo: Facebook/Instituto Gabriel Medina
Medina’s mother, Simone, is the president of the Gabriel Medina Institute. “Gabriel wants, with our help, to transform the lives of these children,” she said. “They need to be ready to conquer and get along with it, to become accomplished human beings ready to live any situation in life.”
The facility has a classroom, a pool, a trampoline, a museum, and has direct access to the beach. Measuring in at 336-square-meters, 60 boys and girls aged 10 to 16 will be included.