Today marks a tectonic shift, the changing of the guard. Irrespective of political beliefs, that fact is undeniable. And it’s one that’s currently sending ripple effects throughout the world – our humble sport included.
In typical fashion, Kelly Slater took to Instagram to say goodbye to President Obama. “He didn’t come thru on a lot of campaign promises but I always liked this guy,” said Kelly in a post. “Gifted speaker, scholar, and really nice guy.”
Kelly goes on, “I liked the symbolism of him as our leader. Our first #BodysurfingPresident!? I believe so.”
There’s a subtext in there about dislike for the incoming president. Somewhere.
It’s not like Kelly, though, to drop an Instagram bomb like that for his followers and not chime in responding to comments. One in particular is striking. Instagram user @fikser argues that Trump is not celebrated on Instagram because he’s a Republican, to which Kelly replies:
“@fikser not necessarily. Been to one of his NY parties years ago. It’s just a step down in class but seems like a more accessible guy at the same time. Not what I picture as a president but may bring some good things with it. I would never agree with most people’s policies or decisions. It’s always gonna create division amongst people. I’m concerned about environmental issues attached to this new admin.”
Wait. “Been to one of his NY parties years ago?” Huh?