A few days ago, I went spearfishing with a couple of friends. After swimming through a school of sierras and not taking a shot, I came back empty handed. My friend, though, came back with a 40-pound roosterfish slung over his back, fish guts in his hair, and a huge, shit-eating grin on his face. The next day, he shot a grouper that looked to be the size of a hideous, brown school bus. Even dragging around a large, bloody dead fish, I’m sure he wasn’t thinking about sharks. I know I wasn’t while I was flopping around trying not to get my legs tangled in the buoy line. That’s because where we are right now isn’t exactly the shark attack capital of the world–that unofficial title would probably go to somewhere in Australia, given the odd spate of shark attacks in the last few years.
That’s where the video you see above took place. In northern Queensland, a spearfisherman was part way through his dive when he encountered an aggressive bull shark. It’s hard to watch, not only because it’s scary, but because he shoots the shark right into its open mouth–which he absolutely needed to do.