There are two things in this world that most can agree are awesome: babies and surfing. Put them together and you’ve got something that everyone loves, except for the kind of people who hate it so much they call Child Protective Services and scream about lifejackets and child endangerment. Those people are undoubtedly sticks-in-the-mud, and they would not be fun to drink with. Surfing babies are awesome!
This latest surfing baby is named Hadassah, and she’s 15-months-old. She’s a natural, standing in the palm of her father’s hand and flashing a toothy grin at Henrique Pinguim, a Brazilian surf photographer extraordinaire (follow him on Instagram @Henrique Pinguim) at Puaena Point in Haleiwa. Her parents, Sergio and Carly, have been taking her surfing since she was just 5-months-old. run a surf school in Hawaii together.
Hadassah’s parents run Island Style Surf School in Hawaii together, and Carly got her started early, to say the least. “I surfed with Hadassah in my belly until the week before she was born,” she told The Daily Mail. “She always seemed to mellow out and enjoy the ride. We took her in the ocean at four-weeks-old and she has been hooked ever since. Sergio took her surfing for the first time at four-and-a-half months old and she’s a regular out on our surf breaks here on the North Shore –she loves it so much!”