People who call it the travel bug have obviously never succumbed to wanderlust. It’s not so much a bug as an incessant voice that seemingly gets louder and louder, telling you to shirk all responsibilities (work or otherwise), and get on the open road, see something you’ve never seen before. Surf a wave you’ve never surfed before.
When caught up with the stresses of the work week, we tend to believe that the trials and tribulations of the day are of greater cosmic importance than they are. Mole hills turn to mountains. And in that frame of mind, tasks and challenges consume and oft feel insurmountable. A check on that reality, even if it falls short of a months long vacation to some far flung atoll in the south Pacific is never a bad thing. The key is to simply slow down.
Taking a VW camper van along the coast of Portugal is one way to ensure that happens.