If you’ve seen even the smallest amount of big wave video clips or photos, chances are good that you’ve seen some of Tim Bonython’s footage. When that purple blob shows up on the charts, chances are good that Bonython’s going to end up there just as quickly as the ones surfing. He’s spent years doing it, chasing swell after swell, documenting the calculated madness that big wave surfing has become. It’s what he lives for, and his opus is just about to drop.
The Big Wave Project–A Band of Brothers, five years in the making, follows a crew of some of the best big wave surfers on earth through some of the heaviest situations of their careers. “There’s only a select group of people in the world who ride the waves we ride,” said Aaron Gold, “and the camaraderie that’s built from that is tighter than you’ll ever find.”  With candid, no-holds-barred interviews and some truly incredible footage, the film “depicts the history of the how the sport has developed from humble origins to modern tow-in surfing with the latest challenges of returning to the simple art of unassisted paddling into 100-foot walls of water.”
While the game has changed immensely, though, one thing remains the same for everyone involved: the passion for giant waves.