eryone on earth who has even thought about surfing knows the Wapaaah Guy. He just drops in, smacks the lip, and wapaaah. Dude, he gets the best barrels ever, dude. He was a caricature of a caricature. Daniel Tosh even got in on that action. Well, we’ve got another one, only this guy’s not serious… probably.
New York is in the middle of a decent Nor’Easter, so the news crew from PIX11 headed out to put a reporter in the middle of it. From behind a snow-covered storm berm, a lone surfer appears. And while he’s not quite as Spicolli-ish as the Wapaaah Guy, he either chose a strange day to try surfing for the first time or he’s really, really funny… most likely, it’s the latter. Oh, and he needs a ride.