You may have seen Pedro Scooby’s ridiculous ride at Nazaré a few days ago, but this is an extended version of the mayhem. Back at the end of February Portugal’s biggest wave came to life. A massive swell made its way through the canyon, its power increasing rapidly. Nazaré locals and big wave surfers around the world watched as the waves built, and some truly historic rides were completed.
Scooby is one of those guys that doesn’t get the attention he deserves. Whenever Nazaré is breaking, he’s there. He’s been in the water or on the ski for most of the biggest days. When things get big, things go wrong–and they certainly did in the clip above. After Scooby surfed a giant wave, he got bucked off at the bottom. Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca came to the rescue on a PWC, but couldn’t quite hold onto it on the inside. Maquina Voadora was piloting a drone and caught the mayhem on camera.