Surfboards are the perfect canvas for your artistic creations. Get great ideas, cool designs, and find innovative new uses for old surf craft.

Become a surf artist without even taking art lessons. Let your imagination free, and don't think too much. Enjoy a surf art afternoon session with friends and family.
If you own an old surfboard that will no longer glide across the salted water, take it out of the attic, and bring it back to life.
Surfboards are objects of design; they always look good hanged on the wall or exposed to the elements on a green lawn. It doesn't matter how rotten the board is - just give it a new purpose.
Whether you want to add a personal twist to your favorite stick, or you use it as artwork in your office, there are plenty of materials you can use to make surfboard art. Take a look at a few original ideas:
Write poetry
Use the power of words to express your feelings for surfing and waves. Write a poem, inscribe a surfing quote, and give your surfboard a new meaning.
Poetry in surfboards: take an inspiring ride | Art: Richard Hart/Delft
The Delft Project by Spider Murphy and Richard Hart

Make a contemporary art sculpture or installation
Have you broken a board? Have you found the tail end of a pro surfer's stick? Stack up the pieces of foam and make something that the world has never seen.
A Maori carved surfboard: an incredible artwork | Art Bino Smith
Ranginui by Bino Smith
Trashed surfboards: always a useful material for contemporary art installations | Photo: Chris Anderson
The 1000 Surfboard Graveyard Project by Chris Anderson

Handpaint your surf fins
Art is also in the details. Paint innovative forms and patterns on your fins, and get them out of the water.
Hand-painted fins: give a new life to your underwater wings | Photo: Wild Wolf Collective
Hand-Painted Surf Fins by Wild Wolf Collective

Make a statue
Honor the life of a special surfboard. Highlight its finest moments. Get a plinth, and write a eulogy.
A surfboard statue: who said surf craft didn't inspire artists? | Art: Christophe Nancey
ACN017 Inside Light 2 by Christophe Nancey

Paint it and go surfing
Draw from imagination, get a paint marker or an acrylic-based spray paint and give your favorite surfboard a new colorful look.
Hand-painted surfboards: all you need is imagination and a small dose of talent | Art: Drew Brophy
The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Drew Brophy
Build a table or a chair
An old, heavy and cracked longboard can quickly become a magnificent outdoor dinner table or chair.
A surfboard as a table: that's what we call a surf meal | Photo: Stacked Samui
The Surfboard Table at Stacked Samui
Resting after the surf: a surfboard chair is a great idea | Photo: Surf Life Designs
The Legend - Bombwatcher Folding Surfboard Chair by Surf Life Designs

Create a surfboard waste barrel
Contact your local surfboard shapers and build an eye-catching barrel made of foam.
The endless barrel: surfboard waste is always useful | Photo: Rip Curl Pro Portugal
The Surfboard Waste Wave/Trash Tube at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2012

Build a coat and towel hanger
Remind yourself you're a surfer every time you get home late, and need to hang up your coat. Or a bathroom version for your towels.
Coat and towel hanger: hang five or ten | Photo: Haven America
Shark Bite Towel Hook by Haven America