I’m sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea–Styx, “Come Sail Away” (1977)

 The Arrow460-Granturismo Yacht

No matter where you live or travel, people associate the name Mercedes-Benz with luxury automobiles.  Ah, but what you may not know is that the German automaker is also the force behind what some insiders are calling “the most anticipated yachts”.  In fact, the Edition 1 model of the  Arrow460-Granturismo yacht premiere at the last Monaco Yacht Show.

“Boats To Build”

The sleek Mercedes-Benz vessel is presently priced at approximately $1.7 million. The original concept for this luxury sea vehicle debuted in 2012.  The company later joined forces with the yacht constructing company Silver Arrows Marine in order to make the ocean-going fantasy a reality.

This Is No “Leaky Little Boat”

Only 10 of the Edition 1 models were built.  The initial plan is to sell just one per country.  Here are some pictures of this rare vessel.
The yacht was nicknamed the “Silver Arrow of the Seas” as a tip of the hat to the 1930s Mercedes race car named the “Silver Arrow”.  

Image: Pinterest

While some critics claim the yacht is small at 46 feet, they also admit that what the boat lacks in physical size, it more than makes up in design.

Image: YouTube

If you look at the yacht from the side, you might notice that the vessel looks a bit like a “saloon style car”, such as the Mercedes-Benz Model S-Class.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

The boat features large, retractable side windows.  Additionally, it has a mobile windscreen.  The windscreen can be raised to allow your passengers to sit in the vessel while still taking in the sight of the surrounding sea.
Image: YouTube
The yacht comes with a 960 horsepower engine.  Thus, the boat can hit a top speed of 40 knots or (slightly over) 46 miles per hour.  

Image: Mercedes-Benz

Plus, the vessel can reportedly accommodate a maximum of 10 passengers comfortably.  

Image: Mercedes-Benz

The yacht also includes tables and beds that are extendable.  This allows one to make more space if need be.

Image: Mercedes-Benz

The yacht also comes equipped with all the expected, modern amenities.  They include (but are not limited to) air conditioning, an ice maker, a sound system and wine storage area.  

Image: Mercedes-Benz

Production has already begun on the Arrow 460-Granturismos.  If you happen to be one of the folks who ordered one of them, you can expect delivery later this year.  (No.  You cannot track it via UPS either.)

Image: Mercedes-Benz