Even the king isn’t immune to Southern California’s summer of shark-mania.As part of an Instagram Story yesterday, Kelly Slater detailed the encounter on the Orange County/San Diego County line: “Saw an eight-foot great white breach 50 yards from me and a friend last night at Lowers. There were six people out and I think four of us saw it jump. Caught a couple more waves.”

So, spooked might not be the best word use (notice the shaka and the fact he caught a couple more waves). But at least wary. Slater went home and scoured through the Surfline cam to find footage of the animal breaching, which you can just see below, with help from his emoji work. Somewhat ironically–but not really–the Championship Tour event at Lowers was delayed last year because of a shark breach.
In other shark-related news, a sizeable great white apparently cleared the lineup inside at Doheny, too. It’s officially an epidemic