If I had a penny for every time a multi-million dollar oceanfront home sold in Southern California, I might be able to afford one. The market is hot, hot, hot, my realtor friend would say. But, word is the former home of the late John Severson recently went on the market for a mere $15,995,000, and man is it pretty sweet.
According to an article that appeared in the New York Times late last year, Severson and his friends were convinced that when Nixon occupied the Western White House, just a few hundred yards from Severson’s abode, Tricky Dick spied on him. This was, of course, after Severson snapped some photos of Nixon’s house and sold them to Life magazine.
Severson ultimately sold Surfer and moved to Maui in ’71, leaving behind this idyllic 3,361-square-foot cliffside home overlooking Cottons (just north of Upper and Lower Trestles).
Just watch out for those HOA fees. They’ll get ya.