Just when you thought the water park couldn’t get no wetter–Jason Derulo, “That’s My Shhh” (2011)

It’s freezing outside.  Ah, but inside the biggest water park in the world, it’s wet and warm.  It’s fun.

When you think of water parks, you might think of San Dimas, California.  You might think of someplace in Florida.  You would not, however, immediately think of Germany.

Tropical Islands Resort

Yet, there, a mere 30 miles south of Berlin, ensconced within an old refurbished airship hangar, is the world’s biggest water park.  Even in the winter, when the hangar is frosted in snow, Tropical Islands Resort is perhaps an initially unexpected tourist stop.  It is, indeed, the largest indoor water park in the world.  

“It’s so big . . .”

The specialty amusement park keeps its guests warm (albeit not dry) throughout the year.  This water park is spread out over almost 17 acres (or over half a dozen city blocks).  The attraction plays host to as many as 6,000 people at once.  

“Swings and Waterslides”

There’s something for everyone there.  They have a toy-filled paddling area for small children.  Plus, there’s also a water play table and a waterslide for everyone else.
But, wait, there’s more.  The Tropino Club features air hockey, bumper boats, and even miniature cars.  Furthermore, there are also even larger waterslides that even adults will enjoy.
Image: Pinterest

Meet me at the waterslide . . .”

Indeed, most water parks are considered “family zones.”  However, Tropical Islands Resort has numerous additional options for adults too.   There’s a Bali-inspired lagoon where you can enjoy a sauna.  Also, there’s the “tropical sea” which is spread out over an area the equivalent of three Olympic-sized pools.  It’s temperature-controlled and under a clear roof so you can enjoy both the sun and the “sea.”

“(Find out what you’re looking for) Waterslide . . .”

If you get worn out by the waterslides and want to experience something beyond lounging “seaside”, fret not.  The park also has a full-service spa.  There’s also a newer outside area called Amazonia where you can “chill” and take a cold dip polar bear-style.


If you want to turn your visit into a real vacation; you can do that too.  The resort offers an assortment of overnight options.  In fact, the lodges reportedly provide both comfort and a tropical feel.  You can even experience a real outdoor beach holiday complete with tents, mattresses, and linen.

“Days of barefoot freedom racing with the waves . . .”

If you’re a hardcore fan of outside water parks though there are still more options open to you.  The experts favor two particularly large outdoor water parks.  They are the Caribbean Bay Water Park in South Korea which has a diving pool and both indoor and outdoor areas and the United Arab Emirates’ Ice Land Water Park which features a memorable group of crystal blue pools.