The thing about being the winningest surfer in the history of the sport, the champ, the king, the G.O.A.T. is that everybody wants a piece. With a throng of over 2 million followers on Instagram alone (myself included) Kelly Slater is what savvy marketing folks might call an “influencer.” And his endorsement matters. With a range of business interests, more often than not Kelly’s endorsing his own products – from surfboards to clothes to food – just by using and wearing them.
But in an interesting turn of events, I recently stumbled upon an advertisement for StorQuest self-storage units on Facebook, and wouldn’t you know it, the champ is a fan. Like, seriously. And also keeps his space way, way, way more organized than the abandoned units on Storage Wars.
“When I have my stuff here, I know it’s stored and cataloged,” says Kelly. All over the world, the guy says he’s got over a hundred boards. But, cataloged? So many questions. Like Dewey Decimal cataloged by model, and dimensions?
The champ goes on: “My StorQuest Unit is great. When I come in here, I actually kinda smile.” That’s love.