Meet the Skup, the bodyboard with an hydrodynamically designed hull.

The system propels the board forward and makes it easier for the rider to catch more waves with less effort. It is an ideal pick for young bodyboarders who don't quite have the paddling strength to get in front of that wave.
"I am a Minnesota native and lifelong inventor. I happened to be in San Diego about a year and a half ago watching the kids in the waves bodyboarding, and saw the waves simply rolling underneath their boards. It just hit me: the board needs an intake to hook up on the wave," says Christopher Joyce, the founder of Skup.
"The bodyboard, or boogie board, hasn't been redesigned in nearly 30 years - same basic design, same basic material. I think it's time for a change."
If you still don't believe it, take note. The crew behind Skup are not making fun of us - they're ready to market this unconventional surf craft.
"We saw a problem when looking at conventional boogie boards where the wave rolled under the board, and unless you're paddling like crazy to get ahead of the wave, you're going nowhere."
"We decided to change that. We started from the water up and incorporated a radical new feature - a scoop water intake. The F-16 fighter jet air intake popped into my head, I came home and molded the first models out of clay," concludes Joyce.
The front of the board is hydrodynamically designed to cut through water aiding in the control of the board. The Skup comes in three models for kids, teenagers and adults: 33'' ($120), 38'' ($160), and 41'' ($200).