Laird Hamilton has a movie coming out. It’s called Take Every Wave, and it’s a movie about his life, which has been an interesting one. Love him or hate him, Laird changed surfing. He’s unlike any other surfer on earth, and he doesn’t seem to plan on slowing down anytime soon.
Laird has always been someone who finds new ways to do things. He’s ahead of the curve, or at least on an entirely different curve. In Take Every Wave: Laird in VR, Laird and a group of friends head to Chicama, Peru, a place that’s widely regarded as the longest wave on earth. And of course, since he’s Laird, he’s paddling on a foil board and it’s filmed in VR. If you have goggles, you’re going to want to put them on for this one. If you don’t, scroll around the screen and watch Laird Hamilton Take Every Wave.