As a travel developer, I’ve been lucky to work and surf as I please. I get to choose where I want to live for the next few months, which I often base on the weather and the waves. But my own career path as a web developer isn’t the only option that affords working remotely, moving around the world to chase the surf.
Once most surfers graduate high school or college, their main goal becomes navigating life’s responsibilities while still surfing as much as humanly possible. To do this, one starts scheming about “surf jobs” with the most available time off the clock, flexible schedules, or late shifts that allow for endless dawn patrol opportunities. Here are a handful of job opportunities to chase if surfing and paying the bills share an equal space on your list of priorities:
Like I said, this is how I chose to go about having a career and surfing as much as possible.
This one’s pretty obvious. Your job IS to surf and to be good enough at it that you can teach others. Yes, your time on the clock is spent pushing others into waves, but it’s still tough to beat.
Getting anywhere on the globe is no longer an expense. It might be one of the greatest job perks ever.
Shifts are spent almost entirely on the beach, cutting down that commute to and from the surf and the office every day.
This one’s great for the entrepreneurial-minded. If you want to be your own boss and have the focus to see it through, it could be for you.
6. Bartender/Waiter
You’ll have a flexible schedule, your time on the clock will most often be during the hours you can’t surf anyway, and there’s no travel destination in the world that won’t always need service industry professionals.
You’re tethered to the ocean, never indoors, and certainly never sitting at a desk.
This one may not seem so obvious at first thought, but there are some perks that make surfing all over the world possible.
Another service and industry that will never cease to exist, so job security is great.
Travel around with professional surfers. The occasional assignment on the opposite side of the globe. Things could be much worse.