In Guatemala, we have waves all year. They’re smaller, stable 3-5ft swells on most days and around head high on others. April always marks the start of what we like to call big wave season, when double overhead waves pound on our coastline and shoot out some mad barrels. This is the time when point breaks are the spots of choice for many locals and a few foreigners. Meanwhile the beach breaks can be quite tricky here when waves reach a couple feet overhead.
This past week, the first April swell came in and it was epic. I, myself, have extreme respect and admiration for the people who go out to enjoy these days. If it’s good you can get the ride of your life. Dominating these waves are not only a test of control but speed. I heard someone, who had surfed all over the globe say this was the fastest wave he’d ever ridden. This spot is as challenging as it is beautiful.
These images are just a few of my favorites from this epic swell and I’d like to share them with the world. Our surf culture is small, but there lies a passion within that drives us beyond what we can imagine. Raw, undiscovered talent.
I’m looking forward to the upcoming months, hoping we’ll get even bigger days. I’m thinking there will be a massive one soon, and I’ll be happily waiting to capture the moment.