Are you a person who hates wave pools and SUPs? If you are, take a deep breath, because is really going to upset you. Boiling, seething rage! Violent, murderous rage pouring from your fingertips and onto your keyboard as you furiously stab out your anger onto comment boards. “SWEEPING’S NOT SURFING” you’ll silently scream, smashing your keyboard so hard your fingernails shatter. “WAVE POOLS ARE STEALING THE SOUL OF SURFING, ETC!”
Whatever. It’s Ian Cairns, and he can surf on whatever he wants. He can surf a body board on top of a SUP while wearing trunks over his wetsuit and get towed into knee-high waves, if he so desires! If you’re still a boiling mass of seething hatred, look at it this way: perhaps Kelly’s wave will divide our little club of wave sliders into two camps, thus halving the crowds you hate so much!