Classic Pipeline advice from Turtle to Rick. From the 1987 film North Shore.
The  1987 movie North Shore . Classic surf movie with so many different lines to quote, hard to pick which ones but here are a few

  1. When the waves break here don’t be there, or you gonna get drilled. → Turtle to Rick about to surf Pipeline for the first time.
  2. Scrub it Kook → Local Kid to Rick after getting drilled.
  3. I can tell your lame by the way you where your shorts. → This one made me laugh, Turtle to Rick.
  4. Chandler you still have a single fin mentality. → Laird (Lance Burkhardt) to Chandler.
  5. Local Hui surfer to Rick  Hey Haole! Rick Haole to you too!  Local  He’s so haole he doesn’t even know he’s haole.
  6. Hey Alex come jump In with us. → Occy says this one, its not so much the line, but how he says it, kind of in a trippy creepy manner.
  7. Plenty haole surfers, but will blow them away, brah. Whatevas, We go. →Local Hui to Vince (Gerry Lopez) about surfers in the water.
  8. Wow the Brazilians are back more agro then ever. →Turtle at Halloween party
  9. Only when the surfs bad, barn-o. Cause when the surfs good, nobody works.
  10. Hey brah hui chicks, be careful. → Turtle to Rick about trying to squeeze in on a local girl.
  11. You JOJ?That like FOB → Local Kids vibing Rick at a family Luau.
  12. Look like flash dancers LA kine. They look all lepo man, they’re not even surfers → Turtle talking abut some advertisement shoot- true then and true today.
  13. Here on the north shore we treat friends mo betta → Turtle to Rick, he was feeling a little bitter about how things were playing out. Turtle has a point though.
  14. Were going out for Dawn patrol at sunset. → This is a good one.  In the movie it looks about mid day, and the beach is packed when they get there. Dawn patrol?
  15. Go ahead, go shred. → Chandler to Rick after Rick tells him that the Professor has entered him in the  Banzai Pipeline Classic.