The North Shore community is reeling after a horrific murder occurred on Thursday afternoon. The victim, who has been identified as Telma Boinville, was well-known and loved by many. According to reports, Boinville was cleaning a rental home on Ke Iki road near Rockpile when the murder occurred. With her was her young daughter, who was tied up.
The victim’s husband, Kevin Emery, told Hawaii News Now that his wife was beaten with a bat. “They tied up my daughter and they beat my wife to death with a baseball bat,” he said. “They won’t even let me in the house because it’s so bad.”
Boinville was found by renters who called police at just after their 3 p.m. check-in time. Garrett McNamara posted a devastating plea from the victim’s brother-in-law on Facebook, begging anyone with information to come forward. “I have $100,000 cash, right now, for anybody who can tell me who just tied up my niece and duct taped my niece and killed her mother at Ke Iki beach on the North Shore of Oahu,” he said. “$100,000 right now if you can tell me who just murdered my twin brother’s girl.”

While a description of the two suspects has not been released by authorities, sources believe they may be driving a gold Toyota Tacoma with license plate number KWN 344.
Others who knew the victim have taken to social media with a photo of two people who may have been involved. “This is the guy people are saying is wanted in connection to the murder that happened earlier today on the north shore,” Kelly Slater wrote on Instagram. “Please keep your eyes open for this guy and this girl who may be with him.” In a previous post, Slater appealed on Instagram to anyone in the area for help. “The North Shore is a tight community. A murder is basically unheard of and everyone knows everyone,” he wrote. “No need for this person or persons to be on the run for more than a few more minutes. Please, let’s find em and not have everyone scared for a minute more. I don’t know the victim but she is a friend to many of my friends. This is just awful. Condolences to those affected and let’s band together to figure this out!”