When Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet entered an airplane that was mid-flight over the Bernese Alps, did they complete what some are calling the most radical human flight stunt ever? From our computer screens, it would seem so. The two Red Bull pilots used a test dummy to work out the kinks in the stunt, which looks kind of awkward in the video, above. But they made it look much better.
The duo was recreating the 20th anniversary of Patrick de Gayardon’s stunt in 1997 when he jumped from an aircraft and then re-entered it in mid-flight. Jumping from a cliff upped the ante. During training for the stunt in Spain, Fugen managed to make it in the plane while Reffet seriously injured his ribs when he missed the door. The preparation for the jump was intense, with every detail being calculated down to the most nuanced detail. “We thought about our moves and the plane every day during our two months of training for this,” said Reffet. “Even when you’re not jumping, you’re thinking about it. It takes all your energy.”
You can read a full interview on the jump, here and hit full screen on the Red Bull-produced segment, below.