Diving for lobster is a slightly creepy venture. With California Spiny Lobsters, it’s best done at night, as during the day, they hide in their holes. Unlike their east coast brethren, though, these giant lobsters lack claws, but they’ve got a whole lot of speed. Catching them isn’t as easy as this guy makes it look… and neither is finding a veritable lobster carpet on the ocean floor.
In California, the only legal way to get them is either by hand or by baited hoop nets… but by hand is clearly the cooler option. And lobster season just kicked off in California. From early October until mid-March, many divers head out when the sun goes down to catch their limit. And because many of the larger ones play a vital role in keeping populations up, lots of them will actually throw the biggest ones back, only keeping the ones that will be absolutely delicious. Also of note: How much cool shit is there under the surface!?