Otmashka Dubinina is a secret agent. In this vid, the Russian BASE jumper isn’t dressed like one (her coat and pants aren’t exactly stealth). But she acts like one, especially as she straight arms Chinese police while trying to jump off this picture-perfect bridge. She somehow convinces the man that she’s not about to huck herself. But check out that s***-eating grin as she descends having vexed the plans of her would-be captors (it doesn’t look much like a set up, either).
Dubinina lives in St. Petersburg and is a little-known BASE pilot. But after stunts like this, her relative anonymity won’t last. She’s a talented athlete–and obviously capable with a GoPro. She apparently spent a lot of time in China late last year sending every vertical piece of terrain she could find–man-made or otherwise–with any type of gear that happened to be in her backpack.