The East Coast of England isn’t exactly renowned for its surf, but a handful of times every winter, when the prevailing offshore wind aligns with a long-range groundswell, things can get pretty tasty. Well, things can get tasty for a small window at least, while the six-meter tides are sitting at the optimum level.
The idea was for the King of the Point waiting period to span the entire winter. But thanks to a very consistent early season, a proper swell rolled through in early December with conditions good enough to hold the comp. So on December 9th, 2017, with last-minute notice, 18 competitors and a healthy group of spectators were greeted by overhead surf.
Local legend, and Patagonia Europe manager, Gabe Davies technically clinched a victory by 0.6 over local charger Posh Tom Wilson, however, Gabe donated his prizes to Tom and shared the “King of the Point” title.
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