Honoka Katayama and Azita Ganjali are extraordinarily talented musicians. Both girls are from Hawaii, a place that obviously influenced their music. When Azita, now 15, was four-years-old, she began plucking away at the ukelele. Honoka, 18, has been playing since the tender age of 8, and both have made music their life. Now, they’ve dropped an EP, amassed a massive following, and are right smack in the middle of becoming a serious musical force.
“We shot this video just for fun with Shibby Stylee after a commercial shoot for VH07V,” they wrote on Facebook after Music Crowns posted it. “It’s a cover of ‘Bodysurfing’ written by Ohta-san and recorded by Jake Shimabukuro. It’s been almost four years since we shot this, and this song is still one of our favorites to play. Maybe time for a remake?”