It won’t be wrong to say that sharks are among the most feared creatures on Earth and you don’t need us to tell you why that is! They have been known to gobble the mightiest of humans in one go or bite off their limbs, enough reason to be frightened. But what if we told you that those sharks are nothing as compared to Megalodon? The largest shark ever to exist in the Earthly waters was way ahead of white sharks, the current terror! Proceed with caution to unveil some startling facts about this sea monster, it might leave you petrified!

Number 10. Largest predator
Number 9. Massive teeth
Number 8. The most powerful bite
Number 7. Whales for lunch
Number 6. World Wide distribution
Number 5. Megalodon nursery areas
Number 4. Unbelievable jaw structure
Number 3. Tongue stones
Number 2. Evolution
Number 1. Extinction