The eastern half of the United States is essentially in a deep freeze at the moment. NOAA calls the phenomenon bombogenesis, which has resulted in a “bomb cyclone.” Temps are literally colder than Mars, claims CNN.
Meanwhile, daily highs are averaging a balmy 70 degrees at our office in Venice. Apologies for rubbing that in, but if you got it, as they say, flaunt it.
The winter freeze back east has been so dramatic, in fact, that as we reported Thursday it’s led to the return of Nantucket’s famed, ultra-rare Slurpee waves. Jonathan Nimerfroh was there to document. “With a floundering temperature in the low, single digits this past week, I knew there was a good chance the Slurpee waves would find their way back to Nantucket,” he told us. “Sure enough, on the morning of January 2nd, I pulled my car up to Nobadeer Beach, and there they were.”
Film & Photos: Jonathan Nimerfroh
Edit: KeDa Creative Group
Music: Electronic Pasture by Floyd Kellogg
Jamie Briard @soil_surfer
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