You see a dead whale floating near your boat. What do you do? If you answered: “surf on it!” congrats! You’re as moronic as Harrison Williams. Williams, a 26-year-old extreme sports lover, was on a boat with some friends off western Australia over the weekend when they noticed something very large bobbing in the water. It turned out to be a several-week-old dead whale. Unlike a normal person, Williams thought it be totally rad if he swam over and “surfed” on the whale. Which he did, much to the delight of his friends. But then Williams looked down and noticed about a billion sharks enjoying some decaying whale sashimi, including a less-than-friendly Great White. And so, in his only sane act of the day, Williams wisely got his friends to rescue him with the boat, narrowly avoiding a Darwin Award nomination. Williams told reporters his parents think he’s a complete idiot and we’re not going to argue with them.